Buisness Intelligence


Regulatory Compliance

Smart Routing

AI Dispatch provides a complete dispatch and support service for owner operators helping them maximize profit for every mile on the road.  For Dispatchers and Enterprise fleets provides our complete solution to better manage your clients and fleet.

Preplay, Load Meta-Search & Planning:
• Load board aggregation
• Smart algorithmic sorting
• Job Optimization

Business Intelligence:
• GPS Tracking
• Financial and Job reporting

Economies of Scale:
• Consolidated purchasing
• Dispatcher Support
• At scale factoring, gas & insurance

• Intelligent software augments agent capabilities
• Reduce manual error rates
• Orchestration of assets/customer experience delivery

Augmented Intelligence

Dispatchers enhanced by real-time data and optimized job sorting algorithms keep your truck(s) on the road and maximize profit

360 Reporting

Have information for your ELD, HOS, maintenance, safety and financial data at your finger tips

Minimize Dead Miles

Find jobs where you are and where your drivers will be to ensure the next load is available and maximize total route revenue

Compliance and Reporting

Track all documents from the bill of lading to every day expenses and with integrated factoring ensure that everyone is paid quickly

Maintenance and Safety is a top priority

Track all repairs and inspections and receive alerts when maintenance is overdue.  Keep peace of mind knowing that all your drivers are safe and trucks are current with routine maintenance.

Imagine Your Day
Simplified With Salient

There’s no need to complicate something that should be simple. With Salient app notifications, your days of running late will be a thing of the past.

Business Increase
Dead Miles Reduced
The Difference

A complete logistics management solution integrated with every necessary tool needed for owner-operators and enterprise fleets to conduct and deliver meaningful performance.

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